Loans – Is it still worth paying in installments with bankil?

Loans – The new Bankil financing proposal

Loans - The new Bankil financing proposal

Loan SpA is a company founded in 1988 that has focused on offering innovative products in the field of credit to individuals and payment services. Over the years the range of products offered has expanded considerably, reaching the following tasks:

  • Technology operator and financial services provider
  • Business to business operator in the distribution channel

Having said this, in December 2015 the company Loan spa merged with Bankil spa, at least initially maintaining the products and services already offered. To date (except for any loans still in progress, but disbursed prior to this merger) there are no longer “Loan loans” properly so-called, or directly provided by the same company, completely replaced by those of Bankil, which has become as said the only reference company.

Those that were financing for the purchase of goods or services from affiliated retailers. with a wide range of products, such as the Full Rate, the Zero Rate, and the Discounted Rate, they have been replaced by the payment extension method through access to Goldipa. This is a method that allows you to purchase a product from a participating merchant, with conditions equivalent to a real zero rate, as there are no interest expense or charges applied.

For example, if you buy a product that costs 500 USD and you pay in 10 installments with Goldipa, each installment will be exactly 50 USD. To access Goldipa, generally only:

  • a customer identity document;
  • the tax code and a check on your current account (or alternatively a debit card);
  • a mobile phone number.

As you can see, no income document or proof of a pension is required, and the procedure requires very few formalities. It will be sufficient, when making the payment, to follow this simple guide:

  • tell the seller that you want to access Goldipa;
  • deliver the debit card (or a check that should not be completed, as
  • only the code shown on it will be used);
  • give the tax code, telephone number, etc.;
  • wait for the response that will be given via Pos.

Loan first and Bankil now checks the holder and the current account where the installments will be charged. If the response is positive, there will be a receipt with the wording of approval of the request that will be signed for acceptance by the buyer; if the response is negative there will be a refusal of the transaction and the receipt will be delivered to the applicant but without the need to affix his signature.

The characteristics of Goldipa, as the duration of the repayment plan and the amounts that can be deferred depend on the agreements between the French financial company and the seller, so you need to inquire with the merchant to know the characteristics of the number of installments and their amount.

NB For those who prefer a traditional purpose-built loan (or if there were no Goldipa alternative), the Bankil Finalized Loan can be evaluated, but this too is only available where there are agreements between the merchant and Bankil itself.

(Source: Bankil official website – March 31, 2019)

Personal loan up to 10 thousand USD

Personal loan up to 10 thousand USD

This is a classic personal loan, so there is no need to present estimates or proof of costs incurred. The features of this loan are:

  • amount: from 2,000 USD up to 10,000 USD;
  • duration: from 12 to a maximum of 72 installments;
  • processing time of the practice: within 48 working hours;
  • ancillary expenses: not foreseen (neither investigation nor collection rid nor even management of the file).

On the website of the French company it is possible to use a tool to do the simulation and see the Tan and Taeg rate that is applied at that time or request a quote.

Rechargeable Credit

This is a revolving credit line, which is assigned by Bankil after an assessment of the applicant’s soundness. The credit line can only be used when needed (in one or more solutions) and only the amounts used will be subject to the application of interest rates. Furthermore, as the repayment of the installments takes place, the credit line is gradually restored.

Employee loans

Employee loans

Among the personal loans Bankil also boasts a salary assignment of up to 75 thousand USD. It is aimed at both public and private sector employees (for these starting from June 2019) and retirees. Bankil has signed agreements with both the PINS (for pensioners) and (for public employees). For the duration, please refer to the legal provisions.

This is a simplification of the payment by check, which provides for electronic payment (but without showing an ATM or a credit card) of the purchase sum corresponding to the receipt, without the check being completed. In fact, once the procedure is finished, the check is returned to the owner, but in this way:

  • the seller is certain that the check is covered (the account is debited immediately);
  • the buyer is sure that this method will be accepted (if logically on the account the balance covers the sum to be paid).

As you can understand, however, it is not a form of extension or loan. On the other hand it is one of the distinctive services once offered by Loan and now absorbed by Bankil.

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