Loans Without Paycheck Palermo

Loans Without Payroll Palermo, the Proposals

Loans Without Payroll Palermo, the Proposals

The increase in loan requests in 2015, even just for simple information, makes it clear that the economic crisis is forcing many people in difficulty to seek help through financing and for those without income, the world of credit is moving to create solutions. In the south the situation is more pronounced and among the best proposals, such as i  Loans Without Paycheck Palermo, we find the offers of Compass and Findomestic. This means that atypical workers, unemployed and students have the possibility to apply for a loan with alternative guarantees such as a guarantor or a property, so that in the event of insolvency the financial company or the bank can retaliate.

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Being large companies, they have many branches scattered throughout Italy, so it will also be possible to find loans without a paycheck in Palermo as in all of Sicily.

The offers of personal loans without paychecks continue also for 2016, and unfortunately to meet basic necessities such as medical expenses and no longer for extra purchases such as car purchase. In practice, the salary is no longer enough and more funds must be found to be able to move forward.

The Compass loan which on a loan request of 10 thousand USD will have an installment of 167.15 USD and tan and taeg of 9.90% and 11.02% respectively. Instead, the proposal of Findomestic, which with the financing called “other projects” provides that if an amount of 14,000 USD will have a tan of 7.58% and 7.85% taeg, the particularity of this loan is that after having paid the the first six installments, the monthly payment amount can be changed both by decreasing and increasing it.

In any case, the amount of personal loans without paychecks cannot be very high, especially due to the risk of insolvency deriving from poor guarantees, for this reason, loans without paychecks cannot be compared to other types of financing, therefore it will certainly have a higher interest rate, for this reason there is always a need to evaluate, in relation to the need for the loan, the convenience of the request by looking primarily at tan and taeg.


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